7 CoreLogic Data and Analytics CoreLogic Buyer Classification A unique and flagship product to CoreLogic, Buyer Classification determines the type of buyer for every purchase of property based on their current and previous ownership of NZ property. Created at a record level, this can be matched to other datasets or summarised at any geographic area. Our buyer classification is used by financial institutions and Government agencies at both record and summary level and overlaid with their own data to assist strategic, policy, compliance, risk management and marketing decisions. CoreLogic value measures CoreLogic has a suite of products to measure property prices. This ranges from simple market measurements such as median or average sales prices through to stratified medians, various house price indices, and valuing groups of properties using Automated Valuation Models such as E-valuer. The house price indices are available both quarterly for completeness and monthly for reactivity. The Quarterly CoreLogic House Price Index has been specifically designed to track the value of a portfolio of properties over time and is relied upon by New Zealand regulators and industry as the most accurate measurement of housing market performance. These value measures are available for long time series and for either standard or custom geographic areas and property types. Suburb scorecard Detailed housing market indicators at suburb level, with data either in time series or current snapshot, and segmented across houses, flats and apartments. The Suburb Scorecard data includes key housing market metrics such as median prices, median values, transaction volumes, rental statistics and market metrics such as median selling time. If you would like to know more or obtain tailored data, analytics and insights for your business, please email us at reports@corelogic.co.nz. To view the latest report online and subscribe to receive it in your inbox on a monthly basis, visit; www.corelogic.co.nz/new-zealand-monthly-property-market-update.