12 Migration Net migration eased again in September from its record high, and the trend is now distinctively downwards. This is due to departures flattening out and arrivals dropping away. The formation of our new coalition Government, between Labour and NZ First (with support from the Greens) will almost certainly see this trend continue. Labour has confirmed its desire to reduce net migration by 20,000 to 30,000 per year (currently 71,000). The net position between NZ and Australia is also back in the negatives (we’re losing more than we’re gaining from Australia). It’s actually the first time we have consistently been in the negatives since early 2015 - with an improved Australian economy playing a role. Long Term Migration Monthly Net Migration Between New Zealand and Australia Net Gain Last Year % Change TOTAL ALL AREAS 70,986 1.5% Auckland Region 36,404 11.1% Hamilton City 1,925 21.8% Tauranga City 969 -18.4% Wellington 3,501 12.4% Christchurch City 5,461 -3.8% Dunedin City 1,060 47.2% Main Urban Area (Other) 5,508 -1.8% Rural Centres 4,824 12.4% Not applicable/Not stated 11,334 -24.5% Source: Statistics New Zealand