21 Sales Volumes Regional Sales Volumes Year-on-Year Sales volumes in September were lower than August volumes – a trend that is uncommon. The month of September is typically a relatively strong month for sales but year-on- year volumes are down 25%. Only two years ago September was a very strong month, the second strongest month of that year and fifth biggest single month of sales volumes over the last ten years. Nationwide there were almost 10,000 sales in September 2015. Last year this figure dropped 16% to 8,400 sales and in 2017 it’s dropped a further 25% to 6,300. Auckland, Hamilton and now Wellington are all experiencing this significant decrease in sales volumes. Meanwhile sales volumes in Tauranga have effectively levelled off after dropping markedly about 15 months ago, following a very strong 12-15 month period for sales volumes. Nationwide Sales Volumes Nationwide Annual Change in Sales Volumes